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Beeryards: It's Like Billiards for Cool People

It's not billiards, it's Beeryards! And it's taking the local nightlife by storm. If Beeryards hasn't yet come to your area, no worries. Now your sportsbar or grill can be the first to offer the nation's next gaming obsession. Adding a Beeryards table to your establishment can increase your sales by as much as 27%. Better -- once you bring patrons in, Beeryards can keep them in-house for up to 40% longer. That means more drinks sold for you and a bigger bottom line for your business. If you want to sell more beer, serve more patrons, or just show visitors to your bar a better time, invest in a Beeryards table. If you Beeryards, they will come. 

What in the World is Beeryards? 

Beeryards are like billiards, but with a little alcohol thrown in for good measure. This rollicking game mixes the rules of pool and the rules of beer pong with the unique bumper action of Beeryards. Your patrons will have a great time playing the table, but better still -- they'll go home and tell all their friends to try it, too. According to our research, 21% of people who play Beeryards for the first time can't wait to tell their friends about the game. That's 21 people out of every hundred who are actively recruiting customers through word-of-mouth. And they're all heading over to your place after work tonight.

They're coming.

They're staying.

They're having a rollicking good time.

Better stock the bar. 

How Do I Get a Beeryards Table? 

This part is easy. If you're a business owner who's interested in offering Beeryards to your loyal patrons, now's the time to take the plunge.  Visit our homepage to learn how to purchase your Beeryards tables and supplies. We even have high-quality Beeryards merch and apparel you can sell on the side. 

Once the word gets out about Beeryards, your bar will be the busiest on the block. Order your gear today. 

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