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Beeryards Table Six Wells: Pre-Order Submissions

Beeryards Table Six Wells: Pre-Order Submissions

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Table pre-order submissions are now available! 

Olhausen Billiards has now partnered with Beeryards to bring you the best game table on the market.

These Six Well tables come as a nine-foot-long table, three and a half-feet wide, and thirty-three inches tall. You'll also get two cue sticks, twelve caps, four defense balls, two Beeryards balls, a rules poster, a four-ball rack, and cue chalk. 

The images below are of our prototype tables. Olhausen billiards quality has far surpassed our remedial production and continued to improve on our original design. They are currently using a mix of highly scrupulous machinery and a half a centuries worth of handcrafted experience. Their BrandNew Five axis CNC machine will produce our Beeryards tables to the highest quality and standards.

Because we all know I can't do it. What I can do and will do, is work to innovate the best possible game tables, league structures, and content for our community.

For any reference of Olhausen's quality please reference the website below.


Just to reiterate this is a pre-order submission. The amount paid is to secure your purchase. Your payment will secure your place in line for each table that is built. Delivery will be set at the rate of production via Olhausen billiards. This will generate an invoice that will be sent to you for logistical delivery and final payment. 


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