How to Play


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1) One ball on each side, each person shoots towards the other persons gutter, closest to gutter without going in starts the game. All caps must be removed before starting this.

2) Each shot must start with in the kitchen, which is behind the front of the front cup. You get two shots one each turn. Before the shot goes in to the well it must bounce off of a rail, bumper cap, red ball, or Beeryards ball. Instantly cap a well when it is made by your opponent. Balls that fall into the gutter are out of play until next round. If the first ball doesn’t go in a well or gutter it is left on the table where it lies, until the second Beeryards ball has completed its turn. When all wells are capped the opponent gets redemption.


3) When all of your opponent’s wells are capped you win. The final shot can stop redemption if you make both shots in the same last well, TWO TO MAKE IT TRUE.  If there are two wells left and both shots end it in each one then your opponent gets redemption. If you have more than two wells left for your redemption then you will have to enact STILL STANDING BALLS BACK to achieve your goal.


4) If and when the first shot doesn’t go into a well or gutter it will be considered STILL STANDING, the next shot may play off of this still standing ball to go into any of the wells. Some consider this playing it as it lies. After the ball goes into the well it must be capped. Now if this still standing ball is hit and both balls go into a well or two separate wells then the shooter gets balls back and gets to shoot both again. Making both balls individually is NOT balls back.


5) Red balls are racked into the center of the table. The red balls are used defensively to stop your opponents use of particular angles. If you make a red ball into a well on your opponents side they get to remove any cap. Of their choosing. Once a red ball is in a gutter or a well it stays off the table for the remainder of the game.


6) The rules are the same as Beer Pong. If you’re playing this and don’t know basic drinking rules, get new friends, learn to fight, and stop kissing your dad on the lips when you leave the house.


7) The player who made the redemption shot, starts this round. The third row middle and the fourth row middle two are left un-capped. Finishing rules are the exact same as ending the game. Two to make it true ends the game no questions asked.


8) Cap every well except the third row middle. Two to make it true only. Sudden death.

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