The Rules


Choosing who goes first: empty all wells and shoot at each other from the kitchen. Closest to the gutter without going in gets to go first. Bounce not required.

Your kitchen is any where behind the front of the front cup.

Starting game

  1. Each side has two shots just like beerpong
  2. These shots start in the kitchen
  3. The shots must bounce off of a railing, peg bumper, or any ball on the table before they go in a well.
  4. Once a ball goes in a well, a peg-cap must immediately be placed in the well that the ball went in, if its not placed in fast enough balls back is an option.
  5. Once all wells are capped on your opponents side you win.



Balls Back

  1. If you can make two balls in the same well you get balls back.
  2. If your first shot doesn’t go in and remains on the playing surface you have the opportunity to hit the stationary ball and use that as a bounce. If during this shot they both go in, you get balls back.





Red Balls

  1. These are defensive balls only, and they don’t have to be hit
  2. You can bounce off these balls for your required bounce before going into a well
  3. You can scatter these red balls to interfere with your opponents shot angles
  4. If you make a defensive ball on your opponents side they get to remove any cap they want that you previously made.
  5. If you can bounce a shot in and out of your opponent’s kitchen and make a red ball into your own wells you could in theory remove a cap from your own side. (clarity needed)





  1. Once all your wells have been capped, not all hope is lost. If your opponents kitchen only has one well open you can win by making both shots in the one remaining well.
  2. If your opponents kitchen has two wells open you can win the game by making one shot in each one of the remaining wells. One ball per one well.
  3. If there are three or more wells open on your opponents side you have to make balls back until redemption rules one or two are available.